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Andreas Bakkerud: "I have a revenge to take in Lohéac"

bakkerud DSC3467

From September 1, Andreas Bakkerud will once again gratify the French audience with his participation in the sixth round of the French Rallycross Championship to be held in Lohéac.

He is undoubtedly one of the most impressive names on the international Rallycross scene. A three-time European Rallycross Champion with 11 wins and 22 podiums to his name, the Norwegian has also made a significant contribution to the history of FIA World RX, finishing on the final podium of the World Championship on three occasions, culminating in a runner-up title in 2019.

The Bergen native's World RX figures speak for themselves. In seven successive FIA World Championship campaigns, Andreas Bakkerud has collected a total of seven victories and 30 podiums.

Having already made a guest appearance in Brittany in 2022, finishing on the second step of the podium, the current Nitrocross series competitor couldn't resist the Lohéac temptation.

And just as he did last year, Bakkerud will try his luck again in Brittany, driving the Skoda Fabia with which he won the 2021 European Championship on behalf of the Lithuanian ES Motorsport team.

"The reasons for this comeback are easy to understand," points out Andreas Bakkerud.

"Last year, I know I was very close to claiming victory, while the Lohéac race honestly remains the event I've enjoyed the most in 2022. Whether in terms of sporting quality or the enthusiasm of the fans, it was undoubtedly the best race of the year that I was able to take part in. There was such fervor and an incredible sense of joy in the paddock. I felt I had rediscovered all the values that help make Rallycross such a special sport".

"I also know that there are a lot of French fans waiting for me. I know they're already printing T-shirts for the occasion, and they're working hard to make sure everything goes smoothly. They're incredible, and I hope I can count on even stronger support from the "Bakkerud Blue" army, because I'm coming back to France with the intention of taking my revenge on Lohéac 2022".

Above all, after a second-place finish in 2022 behind Yury Belevskiy, Andreas Bakkerud is well aware that he has a job to finish in Brittany. A statement made all the more obvious by the fact that the 2023 edition marks the tenth anniversary of his victory in the French round of the European Championship in 2013.

"In my opinion, Höljes and Lohéac are the two biggest races you can't afford to miss out on. And whether it's a World Championship event or just a national championship, it doesn't change my approach. Lohéac is a must-attend event for all Rallycross drivers, and I couldn't pass it up. And even if it's hard for me to realize, 2023 also marks the tenth anniversary of my victory at Lohéac... I still feel young, though, and I have to admit that I haven't seen the time go by. But it's a good thing because this anniversary will give me another opportunity to share with all the French audience!"



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